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How Well Do You Know Your Own Body?

Most of us know very little about our internal body.  But does that really matter?

We can change our hair, the shape of our body, even the color of our skin,  But The Human Body, Our internal body, is ancient, it hasn’t changed in the slightest, since our distant ancestors walked out of Africa some 70.000 years ago and went on to populate the world.

Today we’re encouraged to act as if our body will adapt to virtually anything we want it to be.


That’s not only very arrogant, it’s very wrong.  The truth is we are just one of many amazing creatures, created by nature.

As such, we’re all subject to the laws of nature.  We’re not able to adapt, We Evolve. We have inside us, a highly evolved, Digestive System, and a Basic Instinct, called; Intuitive Eating, both are created by nature. Together they kept us slim and healthy for centuries.  

But that amazing system was broken some 40 years ago, by an Industry, determined to own, and take over all the foods we eat. Their brutal actions broke Intuitive Eating and forced us to eat unnatural, processed foods our body will never be able to process. So what happens to substances we eat that our Digestive System Rejects?  They are converted to Body Fat.  Only our own body can produce body Fat.

All the processed foods you eat, down to that last chip in the bag, end up as Body Fat. That’s serious, because your digestive system is designed only for natural foods, and most of us eat around 60% of unnatural foods. Body Fat cannot be processed and therefore remains inside your body.  From there it becomes the fat that sticks to your body. It seeks out and finds every area of your body to store the fat. 

Inside your body, the fat nestles around your vital organs and clogs your arteries.  It’s the cause of Obesity, Morbid Obesity, Diabetes Type 2 and several diet related Cancers. Body Fat Is the only Fat that makes you Fat! So When Did We All Begin To Get Fat? It started around 40 years ago, when an industry decided to take over our daily diet. They wanted to replace all our natural foods, with manufactured, processed foods.


They began to introduce new types of food, like snack foods and Sodas, that would cover all the gaps between our usual meals.  Their aim was, and still is, to control all our food regardless of any cost to our health. We were misled.

Unknowingly, we were kept in the dark, while we innocently forced our own body to deal with substances our Digestive System would never be able to process.

To see the complete picture of what was done to us, we need to go back to the beginning.  Our body was created eons ago, with an inbuilt, Intuitive eating system that kept us slim and healthy for centuries.  It consisted of our Digestive System and our Basic Instinct, Intuitive Eating.  It worked intuitively, without any efforts on our part.  All we had to was to eat only the foods created by nature. That was easy to do.

We had no idea of the threat that faced us. We didn’t even know that amazing system existed. We simply used it and took for granted. But that system stood in the way of a Mega Industry, taking over our natural foods.  The only thing that stood in their way, was our intuitive Eating System. The fact that they have almost succeeded, is truly frightening.  The prospect of doing nothing promises a world of Obesity and all that goes with it.

The Last Weight Loss is designed to guide you, step by step, to change your foods to those your body needs and understands. As you follow the process, you’ll notice that your food cravings will disappeared, the weight will begin to fall away and you’ll feel a lot better and lighter. The Last Weight Loss, will lead you to a complete weight loss that will last you a lifetime. All you’ll ever have to do is keep your body happy with the right foods.

If you’ve tried everything to lose weight, without ever getting close to a permanent result, let me assure you, by saying: Human beings were not created to be obese.  That’s not how nature works, so Obesity is therefore clearly not nature’s work.

It is however, exactly how some people work, and obesity is clearly the work of particular people. Our internal body, like most things in nature, has become a mere commodity that draws disrespect and disregard. We need to change that and to stop it.

What Do You Get With The Last Weight Loss?

You get 6 comprehensive modules that takes you step by step through the process and explain everything you need to know and everything you need to do.

You get 3 written reports that cover specific areas of interest:

The 3 Reports:

     1. The Truth About Body Fat! 

     2. The Truth About Food Addiction! 

     3.The Truth About Intuitive Eating!



My name is Kirsten Plotkin, I’m 78 years old, I’m Danish born and I live on The Gold Coast, in Queensland, Australia.  Bringing you this information has been helped by the fact that I have always loved to write.

The information I provide has been accumulated by me over many years, under many different circumstances. It’s become a labor of love, as well as a commitment by me, to everybody, who suffers a weight problem.

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