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"Technology Advice & Education You Can TRUST that

Will SIMPLIFY Your Life, REDUCE Your Costs,

and MAKE You More Money!"


Don't Panic!

  • Save $1,000's in not having to hire people to make every little change on your website, autoresponder, shopping cart, etc
  • Get things done MUCH faster by having control over the technology yourself!
  • Improve sales and conversions by better understanding of how things are tied together in your business.
  • Learn alternative ways of using the tools that can increase your traffic, conversions, efficiency, productivity, and your bottom line!
  • Simplify ALL your technology issues and systems so you can get out of overwhelm and procrastination and start getting better results!
  • Be a part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are using similar tools who are there to support YOU as well as to get support for themselves!
  • And much, much more!

The mechanics of doing business online:

  • Ecommerce & Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media (Facebook, Linkedin, G+, Youtube, Pinterest)
  • Relationship Building (Email Marketing, Follow-up Autoresponders, etc)
  • WordPress (Themes, Plugins, Media Library, Itunes, Podcasting)
  • Productivity & Implementation (Gmail, Password Protectors, Bookmark Bar, Browsers, Desktop Organization, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, etc)
  • and MUCH more!

Examples of the tools you'll learn how to use:

  • Autoresponders (Aweber, Mailchimp, eBizAC)
  • Shopping Carts (Premium Web Cart, PayGoBank, 1 Shopping Cart, JVZoo, Clickbank)
  • Google Tools (Calendar, Gmail, Webmaster Tools, Analytics, Google Drive)
  • Webinar Technology (GoToWebinar & GoToMeeting,
  • WordPress (Themes, Plugins, Media Library, Itunes, Podcasting)
  • Audio & Video Tools (Audacity, Audio Acrobat, YouTube)
  • and MUCH more!
  • Twice weekly LIVE webinars that cover 2 different topics each week.
  • Mp4 video recordings and mp3 audio recordings from every call!
  • On each call, students will get to show THEIR screen while the instructor watches and guides the student on using the technology being taught on that call. And students are able to ask questions and get answers.
  • Video library of Technology training topics such as posting on WordPress, using WordPress plugins, and more!
  • Private Google+ Community where you can get help from instructors, other students, and guest faculty members!
  • 30 Days FREE of Motivation to Profit. In the Lessons of “Motivation to Profit”, you’ll be guided, step-by-step, to Define Your Vision, Build Your Plan, Implement Your Plan, and Start Getting the Results You’ve Always Dreamed of!
  • And much, much more!


Get started now as a Founding Member for just $100 per year! As a Founding Member, you lock in your discount for LIFE! This saves you $47 per month ($464 per year savings)!

Founding Member $100

~ What People Are Saying ~

Small business owners have no choice but to add social media marketing to the many hats they must wear in order to be competitive. There is no way I could navigate the complex and ever-changing social media landscape without ongoing training from Shelby Carr via Teck Shack sessions and personal tutoring! Not only is she on top of the latest technology trends, but she also understands marketing principles, enabling her to customize her training to the unique business goals of each client. Shelby is genuinely curious and tenacious about getting to the bottom of any problems until she figures out a solution.

Like all good teachers, she patiently walks her clients through the steps to learn how to master technical skills themselves, rather than doing the work for them. Several times, she has rescued our company in crisis situations when our website was not functioning property and we were in panic mode. Teck Shack is a bargain, offering two time slots each week for help with any type of technical software for one low monthly fee.

In addition, personal tutoring each week for over two years has transformed me from a bumbling novice to a fairly savvy social media marketer who can easily measure the effectiveness of every post, blog, landing page, or email! I highly recommend her services!

John AberleScriberle

If you are a solopreneur like I am and have to do your own technical stuff on your blog, you really need a resource like my friend, Shelby Carr, and her site, Teck Shack. Recently I had a problem with my WordPress blog that defied three internet marketing experts including a programmer. Fortunately, I have a membership to TeckShack so got on the call to ask Shelby's help. Not only is the woman brilliant she has tremendous patience and a commitment to problem solving. Long after I would have given up, Shelby's persistence paid off. I now have "Revisions" back on my WordPress site.

Chiwah SlaterA Write to Know

Do you run into techy questions you don't know how to solve? WOW, Shelby Carr's TeckShack really helped me today! You too can join Teck Shack and get all the techie help you need. Go to and sign up NOW! And get off to a great start for 2016. Shelby showed us how to put up vendor tools for our products in DUvisio, and now I have tools for my affiliates for both products I have up there! Woo-hoo! Now I'm ready to contact some of the DUvisio Certified Brokers to find one who wants to broker my #bookcoaching product, which you can find at 

I have been struggling to find my way on line for 5 years now (yeah long time) I knew kind of where I wanted to be, but couldn’t find the right people to show me how so I had to try to figure it out on my own. You would think after 5 years I should get it, well, being a total right brained person and always working with physical things that I could ‘see’ I find the virtual stuff incredibly difficult and frustrating to work with!

I did start to try outsourcing but that proved a little strange too, it just didn’t feel right not to understand the workings, it is a little scary being dependent on someone else to run your virtual home. When I would ask questions after they had fixed something, I felt they held back on sharing, perhaps so that we always need them? The thing is the internet world changes every five minutes we will always need instruction.

Then I joined Teck Shack and found Shelby Carr – what a relief! I have learned so much from Shelby in the short time I have known her – more than I have learned in 5 years probably! I love working with Shelby, we share my screen and she walks me through things and I get it! (eventually) It is important to Shelby that we get it! I feel so much more secure knowing that. Shelby is there to show me ‘HOW’! Shelby is a God send, so knowledgeable, patient and precious to me, she is my virtual angel!

Thank You Shelby. xoxoxo